Te Deum laudamus Te Deum laudamus
Our latest CD to celebrate 70th anniversary of the choir in 2018.

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Our latest CD Te Deum laudamus released on the occasion of 70th anniversary of Charles University Choir is available to order via email
Czech masses České mše (Czech Masses)
The CD to celebrate 65th anniversary of the choir in 2013.

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CD České mše (Czech Masses), released on the occasion of 65th anniversary of Charles University Choir, was recorded in years 2010-2013 and is available to order via email
Pisen ceska Píseň česká (Czech Song)
Compilation CD to celebrate 60th anniversary of the choir in 2008.

More information and extracts for download or listening

Recorded review of the CD Píseň česká, broadcasted by Czech Radio 3 – Vltava on 6 August 2008 (programme „Rondo“) is available for download here (cca 10 MB, format MP4).Compilation CD Píseň česká (Czech Song) as well as the CD Láska a smrt (Love and Death) and CD Musica spiritualis can be ordered via email or bought in the Czech Radio shop on Vinohradská street 12, Prague 2 or in a shop Via Musica at the Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí) 14, Prague 1.

2018 Te Deum laudamus (CD, VUS UK 006)
2013 České mše (Czech Masses) - extracts from the recording (CD, VUS UK 005)
2008 Píseň Česká (Czech Song) – download extracts from the recording (CD, VUS UK 004)
2006 Miloš Bok – Credo fis moll (CD, M. Bok a ELGAR)
2000 Antonín Dvořák – Requiem (2CD Pražská konzervatoř)
1997 Eben, Janáček, Martinů, Novák, Raichl – Láska a smrt (Love and Death) (CD/MC VUS UK 003)
1995 Antonín Dvořák – Stabat Mater (2CD Live VUS UK 002)
1995 Antonín Dvořák – Requiem (2CD Live VUS UK 001)
1992 Petr Eben – Musica Spiritualis (CD/MC Lunarion LN-0008-2111)
1990 Miloš Bok – Missa solemnis (LP/CD BestIA J1 0007-2011)
1988 Vysokoškolský umělecký soubor Univerzity Karlovy (Charles University Choir Prague)
(LP Supraphon 11-0326-1211)

Te Deum laudamus Czech masses Czech song
2018 2013 2008
Bok - Credo fis moll Dvorak-REQUIEM Love and Death Dvorak-STABAT MATER Dvorak-REQUIEM
2006 2000 1997 1995 1995
1992 1990 1988

Apart from the extracts from the albums (more about them after the click on their pictures) Charles University Choir realized other recordings:

  • a capella repertoir selection was recored in 1991 for international company Nova Spes
  • several pieces by contemporary Czech composers were recored in 1993 in the church of St. Giles  for Dutch radion and TV company KRO – Katholieke Radio Omroep Hilversum
  • a live recording of AN AMERICAN TE DEUM by Czech composer Karel Husa (living in USA) conducted by the composer himself was made by KRO during a concert of Charles University Choir in Utrecht (Netherlands) in January 1994
  • During the Europa Cantat Festival in Linz (Austria) in 1997 a recording was made for a German TV company ZDF (A. Bruckner – Ave Maria)
  • 1999 – a live recoding of several pieces by Czech composers from different periods for Czech Radio 3 – Vltava
  • Several concerts during the 2002 Tour in Mexico were recorded by local radio stations