Dvořák’s birthday among trains

8. 9. 2014 - 7:00 PM

National Technical Museum, Kostelní 42, Prague 7 – Letná

The first concert of the new, 67th season of Charles University Choir will be filled with works of Antonín Dvořák. In connection to Master’s anniversary, a Mass D-major Lužanská and a complete set of Biblical Songs (version for choir and orchestra) will be performed. This event will take place in an unusual setting for a classical music concert, but a typical one for Antonín Dvořák – in the “transportation hall” of the National Technical Museum at Letná in Prague.

Antonín Dvořák: Biblical Songs, op. 99 (upr. Jakub Zicha)
1. By the rivers of Babylon
2. Thou art my refuge
3. I will lift up my eyes
4. I will sing new songs unto the Lord
5. Clouds and darkness
6. The Lord is my shepherd
7. Hear my cry, o Lord
8. I will sing new songs
9. Hear my prayer, o Lord
10. Turn thee unto me

Antonín Dvořák: Mass in D-major „Lužanská“, op. 86
1. Kyrie (Andante con moto)
2. Gloria (Allegro vivace)
3. Credo (Allegro ma non troppo)
4. Sanctus (Allegro maestoso)
5. Benedictus (Lento)
6. Agnus Dei (Andante)

Performed by:

soprano – Marta Fadljevičová
alto – Karolína Bubleová Berková
tenor – Ondřej Socha
basso – David Nykl

organ – Vladimír Jelínek

Charles University Choir
Camerata Carolina Chamber orcherstra

conductor Jakub Zicha