Summer concert as a part of the SOKOL festival

2. 7. 2018 - 7:00 PM

National Theatre – New Scene, Národní třída, Prague 1

SOKOL organisation is organising in this year 2018 its XVIth Sokol festival (”slet”) as a part of 100th anniversary of the independent Czechoslovakia formed in 1918 and VUS UK will of course be a part of this unique event.

Organisation of such event is very complicated and first dress rehearsals took place already in November 2016! The festival is open to every Sokol member from the Czech Republic as well as abroad and many international guest have accepted their invitations. It will be a truly unique gathering and you are most welcome to join the audience and spectators.

Programme of VUS UK:

B. Smetana: Česká píseň (a joint performance with other choirs)
B. Smetana: Slavnostní sbor
J. B. Foerster: Rodné brázdy v šíř i v dál, Pražské zvony